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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Services

With decades of experience working with all brands of residential and commercial HVAC systems, we understand that your comfort, health and safety depend on not only a timely response, but effective and accurate diagnosis and quality repair.

HVAC & Mechanical


Icon specialises in service, repair and replacement of all HVAC and mechanical equipment, for both residential and commercial clients.

Furnaces, Gas and Electric

Air Conditioning Systems

Heat Pumps, Air and Water Source

Air Cleaners / Purification Systems

Hot Water Systems, Gas and Electric

Water Filtration Systems

Smart Home Systems / Automation

Home Energy Cost Analyses


Icon understands that when your home systems aren’t working, not only can it be uncomfortable, but it can also mean protecting the safety and well-being of those we love. Correct diagnoses and repairs done right the first time are how we are building our reputation for iconic service and quality repairs. Icon offers 24 hour emergency response to the South Okanagan.


Icon HVAC offers completely customizable maintenance packages based upon your equipment. We can tailor a service package to keep your equipment in top form, keeping your family safe and comfortable, while working within a budget that works for you. From gas appliances to water filtration systems, we have the knowledge and experience needed.

Looking For Replacement?

We pride ourselves on being solutions-based at Icon. We’re not interested in simply selling a system whose main benefit is that it is new. Specifically trained to analyse systems holistically, any upgrades or replacements we recommend are based upon functionality, energy efficiency and cost. Dealing with manufacturers that demonstrate the highest quality and most innovative technology, we work closely with a number of industry leading companies to offer cutting edge solutions that actually work, for you.


We set the standard.

Icon specializes in service, repair and replacement of all HVAC related equipment.