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Air Quality

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) / Air Quality Testing

Air pollutants, particulates, VOC’s and poor ventilation are all of concern, and yet until we know which issues exist within our living space, these are just words. Icon employs state of the art testing systems to correctly diagnose the quality of the air within your home. This allows us to properly tailor product solutions to control, reduce or eradicate air quality concerns.



Our home is meant to be a place of refuge in an increasingly busy world; a safe and comfortable space that we can trust. We can help you ensure it is so.

Maintenance Packages for all manner of systems.

$99 Spring Startup for Residential Clients

Ventilation / Airflow / Air Balancing

Carbon Mono/Dioxide Testing

Air Filtration / Purification

Common Gaseous Contaminant Analyses

Energy Efficiency / Cost Analyses

Product Solutions

We pride ourselves on being solutions-based at Icon. Representing brands that offer cutting-edge technologies in air quality, energy efficiency and comfort, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your comfort.

High Efficiency Air Filtration Products

VOC Adsorption Products

Air Cleaners / Purification Systems

Ionization / Agglomeration Systems

UV Light Solutions

High Efficiency Gas-fired Furnaces / Water Heating Equipment

High Efficiency Heat Pumps


IAQ Inspections

One of the primary considerations affecting all aspects of the quality of air in your home/business and performance of your system is proper airflow and ventilation. Our IAQ Inspection will breakdown any issues found and offer real solutions in an easy to understand report.

Air Filtration / Purification

With the current prevalence of forest fire smoke, pathogens and a myriad of harmful particulate in our air, proper selection of filtration and purification systems is vital. Icon has the experience and testing capabilities to take an accurate gauge of your current system, and will offer ways we can improve it. We will also offer information on cutting-edge systems designed to make a real difference.

Multi-point air sampling throughout the home

To determine the presence and concentration of particulate and gases (CO, CO2, VOCs, with the ability to test for many other)

Ventilation rates, general system balancing, temperatures and humidity

Current system analysis including filtration and existing IAQ equipment

Adjustment solutions based upon findings

Equipment solutions based upon findings

Whole Home Mechanical Inspection

As above but including inspection of all water systems for quality and performance.

Inspection of all water systems including water heaters, current water filtration equipment and softeners

Water sample taken for testing by third party to determine composition and quality

Adjustment solutions based upon findings

Equipment solutions based upon findings

Equipment Inspection

Icon offers individual inspections tailored to your specific equipment.

Gas-fired or electric Furnaces & Air Handlers

Valve inspection – flow settings and adjustments

Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps, Packaged, Split and Ductless systems

Equipment efficiency analysis based upon ratings and performance


We set the standard.

Icon specializes in service, repair and replacement of all HVAC related equipment.